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The Aiken County Virtual Academy's Keyboarding and Computer Applications course will open Monday, June 13th at 9:00 a.m.á Students should log into their VirtualSC account, click Moodle and begin their course.á We have several students who are on a waiting list who will be scheduled if any available seats open up.
It's official! We have moved to our new District website, now located at acpsd.net. Please take a moment to visit and explore our new online home for updated information on all items related to Aiken County Public Schools.
As a reminder, our individual school web pages will continue to link back to School Fusion (hosted at this site) until the start of the new school year when all school-related pages will make the transition to our new web platform.
Thank you for your continued interest in and support of Aiken County Public Schools, and welcome to acpsd.net! á
Summer Reading!
Wonderful news! Summer is upon us and you get to take all that extra time to read! SWEET! Here are some options for you:

Teens' Top Ten
The library has received one of the 40 Teens' Top Ten (TTT) Giveaway Grants from YALSA that includes all 26 of the 2016 nominee titles. Stop in the library to check them out. [Yes, little known secret - only those in the know are aware that we do allow summer checkout! You have to request it from Ms. Loy!]

A full list of the TTT can be found here if you want to stop by your local library or bookstore to grab your own copies. We'll be promoting the books and you'll be able to vote for your favorite in October. The winner will be announced during Teen Read Week (TRW). By the way, these titles are also included on the Summer Reading Extra Credit Program. Why not read one and earn some extra credit before you even start school next year!

Great Summer Reads

Stop in and select a book to read! Why not see what we have on our latest summer book display? Each has something to do with summer, the beach or just having a good time!

or ....

Select one of the SC Young Adult Book Award Nominee Titles Seen below:

+ Mrs. Cindy Waller, Media Clerk
+ Ms. Heather Loy, MLIS
Click on name to see details.
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